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fine chocolate locally roasted ethically sourced
fine chocolate locally roasted ethically sourced
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Fresco Chocolate - Ghana 260 Light Roast

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This fine chocolate is a delicious add-on to your mug. A perfect gift for others or yourself.

Product Details:

recipe: 260

origin: ABOCFA, Ghana

cocoa: 68%

roast: light

conche: subtle

product notes: chocolate fudge, fig jam 


  • SILVER - Academy of Chocolate Awards 2020


About our friends at Fresco Chocolate:

“My philosophy with Fresco is one of minimalism, to use few, exceptional ingredients and try to bring out the unique character of the particular cocoa beans selected for use. ”

Fresco makes only pure, dark chocolate from the bean, using single origin (often single plantation) cocoa beans. All of their chocolate is free from nuts, dairy, soy and gluten. All ingredients are organic where possible.

Fresco uses direct trade; owner Rob works with a small number of trusted importers who work directly with the farmers and pay premium pricing. There’s complete transparency with the farm gate pricing paid to the farmers, and he highly touts direct trade as the best method for insuring farmers receive fair wages.

Fresco believes each bar holds a story, waiting to be told, and each bar’s story contains a few common elements:
RECIPE NUMBER – Every chocolate recipe receives a unique number. Cocoa bean, cocoa percentage, roasting levels, and chocolate conching levels all combine to define a recipe. Also, terroir matters! Cacao is an agricultural crop, subject to season changes. When repeating a chocolate recipe with cocoa from different harvests, the chocolate naturally changes character.

COCOA ORIGIN – The cacao’s country and region speak volumes on how the finished chocolate will taste.

COCOA PERCENTAGE – With all Fresco bars, this is the ratio of cocoa ingredients (cocoa beans and cocoa butter) to sugar.

COCOA ROAST – Roasting is essential to chocolate flavor development. Each cocoa variety has its own unique range of flavors, and different roasting levels can coax these flavors from the cocoa. Fresco’s roast levels include:
light – just enough to soften raw cocoa’s acidic or green edge
medium – cocoa flavors develop to be balanced and flavorful
dark – full bodied, bold, intense, new flavor notes can develop while others may be subdued

CHOCOLATE CONCHE – Heat, motion, aeration and time develop each chocolate’s flavor; this is conching. Changes in time and temperature result in dramatically different chocolate flavors. Fresco’s conche range includes:
none – primitive, natural, pungent, not appropriate for all cocoa, exquisite for some
subtle – softens primitive edge while retaining aggressive flavor notes
medium – balance between aggressive and subdued, mellow
long – flavor peaks and valleys softened to a melodic harmony